Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Recent Reads

I have not updated on my reading in ages! I have gone through a lot of books in just the past month. I am not a purist. I wish I could be, but my book habits are varied. I read a good old fashioned book. I listen to books as I paint and draw. I read on my Kindle. Basically I just want books in any and all forms. 

Lincoln in the Bardo
by George Saunders
I heard about this book on the radio and it sounded like it was right up my alley. The story is about Lincoln grieving the loss of his son Willie and incorporates true accounts from individuals surrounding the president at that time. Saunders was fixed on the story he had heard of Lincoln visiting Willie's tomb to hold the body of his son. Saunders ties true events together with his imagined vision of a ghostly bardo. This story is staunchly historical and yet there are also ghosts who fly around raining bowler hats and farting...so...obviously it is great! 

Milk and Honey 
by Rupi Kaur
This book of poems was a gift from a friend. I read through it in one night and have since re-read it a few times through, pondering certain poems. The book is separated into four chapters and deals with subjects that most women, and those who know women, can relate to on some level.

My Brilliant Friend
by Elena Ferrante 
This book the first in a series that follows a lifelong friendship between two women. Ferrante writes with beautiful honesty about a friendship over time. The story is set in a poor neighborhood in Naples and paints a world that is both hopeless and beautiful. 

Catching the Big Fish
By David Lynch
Eric and I are reading this one together a few chapters at a time. A great source of creative inspiration! 

 The Handmaid's Tale 
by Margaret Atwood
Holy cow! I started reading this book as it was recommended by the local feminist book club (I can never go to their poorly timed meetings, but I read the books). Anyway, I had thought this was a new book and about three chapters in I realized it had been written in the 80s. The story is so relevant and feels like it was written about the near future. Highly recommend!

Under the Banner of Heaven
by Jon Krakauer
This book has been recommended to me for YEARS. So I finally dove in! I am only a few chapters in, but I can already tell I am going to blast through this one.

What are you reading?

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