Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Time My Brother Hit Me With a Trumpet

Me in high school, and our mini-van.

In high school I would occasionally be allowed to use our mini-van, it was white and 90s and I called it Delta Burke. One day I had been allowed to take the mini-van to school. I don't remember what my parents were up to, but they had asked me to pick up my middle brother Ben from the junior high. 

Well, I took this as a challenge to be peak big sister. In art class that day (two periods long) I worked on signs for the after school pick up. I made a couple, but I remember one read something like,"I love you Benny Boy!" There was glitter involved.

Now, before you think I am terrible, just remember I was like 15 or 16 and I didn't really think about how this would make my brother feel. Instead I thought about how I would feel and I was pretty sure it would be entertaining. Also, Ben is not a particularly emotional guy and I really did not think this would set him off, at least beyond the realm of annoyance.

When school let out I drove and parked near the junior high. When I saw my brother coming with his trumpet case I started jumping and high kicking and waving my signs. Ben approached. He was upset. I hadn't anticipated that reaction. Instead of reading the mood and stopping my show I just continued. Ben hit me with his trumpet case and then ran home with tears in his eyes. I followed him the three or four blocks home, driving alongside him, and that also did not help.

When my parents returned I expected that Ben would be in trouble for his terrible behavior. It was a shocking blow when I was the one grounded! To make it worse I still remember Ben's smirk of vindication (which was well deserved). 

I learned several lessons that day. Probably the most important point is that since then I have vowed to never sign wave and high kick while picking up students from junior high.


affectioknit said...

What a sweet adolescent story...and I love the blond cute!

~Have a lovely day!

Jennifer Rebecca said...


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