Monday, May 29, 2017

Weekend with a Friend

Eric took off work on Friday and I just took off. He and the girls had a fun weekend planned. Cordelia had a list... I drove solo to Ft. Collins for a weekend with my friend Anne. 

Here is what Eric and the girls did.




Note the excellent photos, because that good photo business stops here.

Anne and I had a blast! We talked, we laughed, we followed our whims, and we took awful photos because we were simply having too much fun. Wait, I took a few good food photos, but that was it.

When I arrived it was coffee and food and catching up. We then wandered the square in Ft. Collins. We walked in and out of shops at a leisurely pace, tried on clothes, but mostly just talked and talked.

When we became hungry we at at a fantastic restaurant, Tasty Harmony. Mostly vegan.

I had a jackfruit BBQ. So so good.

That night we hung out with Anne's lovely sister Soley who put us up for the weekend. Oh, and there was Bruce, Soley's rescued St. Bernard.

I mean....

The next morning we had coffee at a gentrified farmstead before checking out some hipster shops.

Then we went downtown.
We went to an art event and then to the museum to check out a great portrait show.


Then it was time to try Ethiopian food!!! So so so so so so good. Honestly, I ate until there was no more room for food in my body.

Photos of Ethiopian food aren't good, but the taste is!

Then we explored a graveyard and some really expensive open houses, like you do.

Later we went to a terrible movie, but still had fun, in a Masonic temple. We ended the evening late and then I left early the next morning.

It was an absolutely lovely and soul refreshing weekend with a dear friend and I returned to a clean home with happy children.

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affectioknit said...

What fun!...the sky in the first photo makes me miss ND...and I love Ethiopian food too...

~Have a lovely day!

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