Monday, June 26, 2017


Last night I took a walk through my neighborhood. It was early evening. The sunlight was soft and golden. The temperature was exactly perfect with just a whisper of a breeze to take the edges off of the warmth from the sun. 

I was engrossed in my own thoughts as I walked along. I was looking at the ground watching for snakes. You only have to accidentally step on a snake once before you learn to keep an eye out for them. 

I heard a noise, the unmistakable sound of animal in grass. I jerked to attention. Animals in this area range from cats and dogs (sometimes friendly and sometimes not) to raccoons and deer and even mountain lions and bears (I have heard, but have not seen them in this particular spot). My eyes locked in on a beautiful doe. We just stared at each other. She was alert, but not overly frightened. I was close. I froze and observed. She walked toward me. Slow and tentative steps. She was not trying to get to me, just passing by. 

I said,"Hello." 

She looked at me with her liquid black eyes. I didn't have my camera at the ready as she walked right past me, feet away. It wouldn't have seemed right to take photos in that moment.  She looked at me as she passed just to the left of me in the tall grasses. She didn't rush. She was alert, but pretty calm. It took a total of about three slow minutes. Then she continued on with her life, looking back at me a couple of times. Like me she was simply enjoying a perfect summer evening. We were souls crossing paths and sharing a moment. She is a beautiful creature who exists for her own purposes. 

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