Wednesday, June 21, 2017

First day of summer

Yesterday was the first day of summer and we did it right!

We awoke early with the sun and had a relaxing morning with art, play, yoga, and coffee.

We tried to beat the heat with a park visit before 9am. It was still HOT yesterday, but we managed to pack in a good hour of fun. For my friends in AZ, we were Wyoming hot which is like 90F. 

We played until the girls were red faced and sweaty and then we walked home on the shaded side of the street, stopping to run through a sprinkler along the way. 

Strolling sisters.

We enjoyed lunch.

Then we hit up the splash pad.

Slathered in sunscreen we all were burn free, but I was hot. They had a blast and just played themselves to exhaustion.

Dinner was a back patio affair.

Cordelia helped make dinner and we all reveled a meal in our summer dining room.

In case you are interested this was the 4th outfit Elise had worn yesterday.

After dinner the girls and I went to a friends' house where they loaded us up with rocks for a yard project and several new plants for the garden. 

The girls stayed up a little late while we played and planted in the backyard. It was a great start to summer!

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