Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Garden 2017

The garden in June! Everything is going and everything is growing.
So far my harvest has been a steady stream of herbs and lettuces and kale. 

Flowers are blooming like crazy.


The sugar snap peas will soon be ready. I know some little girls who will decimate that crop, it will never make its way inside and that is fantastic!

Tomatoes will come soon and there will be no stopping them for months. 


Our lettuce this year has really been abundant. 

This is also my second year with what appears to be successful peppers!

I am loving the girls' discoveries as they see how plants grow, not just how they appear in supermarkets.

And the herbs....put them on everything. Something is so satisfying about running out into the garden for ingredients!

Of course I have non-food plants that will have different uses. I love making lavender sachets to put in drawers. Midwinter I revel in the smell of lavender as I open a drawer.

The girls have a few annuals of their own. They "rescued" them from the discount rack and we have revived them to continue on through the season.

 I am not much of an annual kind of gal, but they do add some nice splashes of color.

I am also so thrilled when I see old friends returning, plants that I put into place years ago as tiny babies, now big and full and mature. 

This season is so rich and beautiful. Sure, I have some pretty serious morning allergies, but I wouldn't trade this season for anything.

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