Monday, June 12, 2017

Nicfest 2017

Well, we made it through Nicfest weekend. The museum arts festival that lasts from Friday afternoon  through Sunday evening. When I say "we" I mostly mean Eric (and the museum staff as a whole) who work sooooo many long hours under the hot sun. I also mean the families of the employees who miss their person for a long weekend. Eric was on his feet for three days. He is wiped out, but as I write this he is outside mowing the lawn. No, I didn't ask him to do that, he's just that kind of a person.

Anyway, while Eric is working the girls and I try and visit him, even briefly, and enjoy the festival. Saturday morning my mother, the girls and I all went to the festival for a long morning. Nicfest includes music, art vendors, free entry into the museum, food vendors, and loads of family friendly activities.

 The girls were most excited about these bouncy trampoline things. Though, when it came down to it we thought they might panic. They both went through with it though and had a lot of fun jumping!

Cordelia even started fearlessly doing flips!

Next it was time for face painting. Look at the kid in the background!

Cordelia is an old pro at this. For you long time readers you may remember the year she went as a "pink monster." Now though, she is interested in being like a big kid (insert choked silent sobs here) and went for a more subtle butterfly.


Elise went for it with a full cat face. She kept it on ALL day.

These girls. I cannot even express in words how unique and amazing they both are.

Speaking of unique and amazing. Here is my mother. She is the kindest person in the whole world. I am not just saying that; I can support with fact based evidence.

These shave ice drinks are size small! Why? Too much shaved ice. 

I mean, seriously look at how big that is in comparison to Elise.

Anyway, after we ate, and chatted, and listened to a musician it was time for us to head out. Eric was there until after 9, close to 10.

Sunday we showed up and shared a quick lunch with Eric before he had to get back to work.
We walked the festival again. Cordelia got to throw a pot...or something.

She really enjoyed it!

Then we went to a park to kill time while we waited for Eric to finish. The festival ended at 4, but then there was a couple of hours of clean up. So it was nearly 7 before he made it home.

Finally he came home and the girls were all over him! 

Another Nicfest on the books, and by all accounts one of the best yet! 

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Susan said...

Thank you. You make me sound much better than I actually am, but I'm not saying you have to stop. Ha!

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