Saturday, June 17, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 6.17.17

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know it is technically Saturday. But what is time anyway? I mean, it is a human construct. Friday, Saturday, worm holes, etc. what are words even? Let go of time and date.  I don't want to get hung up on those kinds of details. Let's just get on with Phone Photo Friday.

Cordelia finished up her second grade year a week or so back and she was allowed to choose a little reward (Elise got one at the end of preschool too, don't worry). She decided that a mermaid tail blanket was what her heart desired. Never mind the fact that it is summer. And warm. 

A week ago my mom invited the girls over for a slumber party and they were so excited! All day they counted down until the pick up time. Elise, who still has no real sense of time, kept asking what time it was...over and over. She finally rolled her eyes and stopped asking (for five minutes) when I told her it was "eleventy hundred o'clock." Then, when I said my mom was on the way they stood at the window waiting! They cheered, actual cheering, when she pulled up. We traded cars and they set out on their adventure. Honestly these times are such treasures for the girls. 
Later my mom sent me this photo of how the girls fell asleep. Ahhh!

And, with the magic of Phone Photo Friday (on Saturday) let's just randomly skip a beat to the peanut butter cookies I made for Eric's work to enjoy over a long Nicfest weekend.

After their sleepover the girls and my mother met me at Nicfest where they went insane.

They had a grand time! They slept so hard that night.

Elise and me.
Cordelia tried her hand at the pottery wheel. She told me she made a fish. Then she laughed so I think she was joking.

I don't even know what was happening here.

Eric home after a looong work weekend. He was mauled by enthusiastic girls who had really missed their dad.

And pizza with vegan cheese.
Honestly no clue what is going on here. 

Sisters sharing a mermaid tail.
Daily drawing.

Vegan eatin'

Big week for Elise who finally made it across the monkey bars. Big deal for her as she is trying to keep up with Cordelia who is really good on the monkey bars. Sometimes I try the bars and my armpits hurt for a week.

Daily drawing. This drawing makes me want to remind you to have suspicious moles checked out by a dermatologist.

She dressed as a spy. Then she gave us a very long back story about how kids aren't normally allowed to be spies, but she is really just that good. Also, to be clear she is a daytime spy.
Took the girls on a picnic in the park. All was well until, a few moments after this photo was taken. Cordelia was mid-sentence when she turned away and barfed. Elise and I just stared in wide-eyed confusion as Cordelia puked. No warning, just puke. When she was done she said,"Ok, so that just happened." Then she ran off to play. She was maybe a little less chipper than normal, but basically didn't miss a beat for the rest of the day.

Here she is.

This photo speaks for itself and I think it gives very clear insight into their personalities.

Finally, yesterday the girls sat in the grass as Cordelia read to Elise. Sweet sisters.

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