Friday, June 2, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 6.2.17

Holy guacamole it's Friday and it is June! Ahhh! Some days the passage of time is extra shocking and apparently today is one such day.

N E Waze...Friday means phone Photo duuuuump!

This is not a hamburger headband, it is a veggie burger headband. Obviously.

Here is one of my very favorite people. Anne. She is kind and smart and funny and weird, all of my favorite things! We had a stellar weekend in Fort Collins,

Eric and the girls had their own fantastic and magical weekend!

Checking out some art.

I ate Ethiopian food for the first time and basically have been dreaming about it ever since.

Anne and I visited a graveyard! Graveyards are great places for deep thoughts or just a reminder that our time is brief.

The sisters continued to have a lovely time with their father.

Here are Anne and I at a movie in a Masonic temple moments before we were turned into lizard people. No,  we just sneaked in snacks and watched a movie.
Bruce the rescued Saint Bernard who charmed me!

On Memorial Day my parents took a really long walk and texted us to meet them for a picnic because the weather was "perfect." The weather instantly turned a tad too chilly for comfort, but we powered through.

The girls snuggled their grandma for warmth.

Later the weather improved and we spent the rest of the day outside.


Took the girls on a surprise hike one afternoon.

The highlight was when they spotted a bull snake.

Daily drawing.

Park. So. Many. Parks.

Often at parks I somehow have to become the monster who chases them around the playground equipment.

Um, excuse me, but this photo! 
And this one!
And this one!
Ahhh! I
Could cry! 

So instead of tears let's look at hummus.


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