Friday, June 30, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 6.30.17

Hi! Happy Friday! Let's do this! 

Quick visit to a nursery. Plants are my drug.

 View from high up. Cordelia had more than a little anxiety. She didn't let it stop her, but she was cautious.

My favorite weirdos.

Too cool for school.

Bill Murray.

Crafting at the library. The craft was planet necklaces. Elise went rogue and Cordelia took it seriously.

My crew. I will follow them everywhere forever. 

Lucy sitting like a human. She stayed in this position for a weirdly long time.

My dad and Cordelia. They were looking through photos and my dad was telling stories. The girls looooove to hear stories from our childhood.

My mom and Elise. Fact, Elise loves to snuggle with her family. That is basically her favorite thing to do.

Daily drawing.

Eric working on a collage. When I look back at this time in our life I will remember studio nights listening to books or music.

Cordelia with a pea from the garden. Girl proudly picks and eats from the garden. She is really into helping this year!

Enthusiastic shelter volunteer. Some of the cats appreciated her energy...

Cat whispering. With age comes wisdom and fewer spastic movements around cats.

 Cordelia at swimming lessons this week. Elise now thinks she may be ready to take them after she turns five in less than two weeks.



 Mostly from the garden! Kale and broccoli and thyme and basil and oregano and onions and!

Momo Nara! Sweetest cat in the world.

Elise and me waiting at swimming lessons.

More of that...we were bored.

 Dining with a friend.

Homemade beet burgers.

Have a great weekend. Weeeeee!

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