Friday, June 9, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 6.9.17

Hello! We are on the cusp of a big weekend for our family. Every summer the museum where Eric works hosts a three day festival with art and music and food. The community LOVES this event. It is a great atmosphere and such a wonderful community building festival. However, for the staff it is a looooong weekend. The whole staff works very long hours. I think they will be working until 9-10pm for the next couple of nights. Basically they work 12+ hour days in the hot sun. I think they have fun too, but it is exhausting. On the flip side we miss our guy! So as we brace ourselves for this intense weekend let us look back on the mellow week we have just enjoyed.

Cordelia as super girl.

Elise as a bee, doing something with a dance ribbon.

Vegan eats  

Cordelia taking our picture.

Food face. I used to make food faces all the time, but kids take up most of my leisure food face making time.  I guess they are old enough now that I can get back to it.

Sisters on their way to the park.
Daily drawing.

Last year we were gifted with two gift cards  for judging a tattoo competition. We finally used the gift cards. There were not many vegan options, but the table was covered in paper so the girls had fun.

Two sister + one hammock + pajamas= adorable

Lucy Sparkles.
Daily drawing.

A good father and his daughters.
 We tried to take a cute family hammock photo, but got this instead.

Last night on the back patio. A quiet moment after the girls were in bed.

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Ben Struck said...

Those are some cute nieces.

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