Thursday, June 22, 2017

Project: Rock Spiral Herb Garden

We have this one square patch of yard that won't grow grass. There are tree roots that seem to suck all of the moisture from the earth. So it is just kind of a dead zone. I didn't like it in our beautiful and thriving yard and gardens. So I did something about it.

Some of our friends were giving away stones in their yard and I went over and filled up some buckets, boxes, and a saucer sled with their unwanted rocks.

I came to the dead zone in the yard and placed a small pool face down. Then I laid the rocks around the pool to get a circular shape. 

 I poured a tower of soil I the center. Cordelia said it looked like a volcano. 

Next I broke the circle in one spot and curved one end in, drawing a wide spiral with a stick in the soil.

 I used my hands to form the soil into a slow rise and then I used all of the rocks to support the shape.

Once I had the spiral shape in good order I fussed about with it, the girls helped.

I made sure the walls were pretty stable and secure.

Then I added  a bunch of herbs as this is located right outside the kitchen and I wanted a kitchen garden.

I gave it a drink and the plants are all set to go. 

Now I just want to develop the area around the spiral to be just as lovely. Goodbye dead zone.

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affectioknit said...

Really...really pretty!

~Have a lovely day!

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