Thursday, June 15, 2017


Well I have been busting my hump in the studio lately and I am not sure I have really updated you on all of the projects, jobs, and shows for which I am currently preparing. While it is going to seem like a lot I have staggered deadlines so I am managing the schedule and I always have Eric as a partner: urging me on, helping to catch mistakes (he has the best eye), and encouraging me to continue....all while he has just as much going on with his work!

Currently I have three shows I am prepping: a portrait show with my amazingly talented artist friend Gabrielle Reeves. I have a solo exhibit at the Paris Gibson Museum later this year, and will be expanding on the daily paintings I made last fall---show is entitled Suburban Whimsy. Then early next year I have a show on quantum entanglement with my artist friend Meghan Rowswell at Casper College which will span two galleries. I have some large drawings for a gallery during the solar eclipse this summer and I am preparing some smaller eclipse art to sell at a festival. I am working on a large commission of last supper paintings as well.

 I do a drawing a day, though many of those are prep for other shows or warm-up drawings done at odd moments in the day. I am probably forgetting to mention some project, and there are always commissions as well. Maybe a book too...but a lot of stuff is still in the development phase. 

And with that I should probably take a break and go to the park with the girls! I hope you are having a good day.

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