Monday, June 19, 2017

This Project Rocks

I have been meaning to paint rocks with the girls for ages. Every time I brought it up they did not seem into it, but I had a plan. It is just difficult to sell rock painting to kids. They seriously asked,"Why would we even paint rocks?" Ugh! Too logical. So finally I just collected some rocks while we were on a walk. I laid outsome acrylic  paints and brushes and water and we went to town. 

Quickly they got suuuuper into the project and spent probably an hour and a half on it (for non-parents let me assure you that 1.5 hours of happy and engaged activity is amazing).  I patted myself on the back.

They made several runs into yard to collect more rocks. They made fruits and flowers and bugs and faces and patterns. I must admit that I got into the project as well...

Now we plan to leave them around town at parks and along trails for people to discover. 

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