Tuesday, June 27, 2017


You know I figured summer would be no biggie. I mean we homeschool, so I imagined it would be more of the same type of thing, minus school. However, I am finding that this was not an accurate assessment of summer. Our days start early and they have a slow flow. On especially hot days it feels like the hours are covered in sap, slowly flowing over us as we become completely immobile by 3:30. You know that mid to late afternoon laze? That time when there is no energy to do anything, that is the worst. The other day I tried to read to the girls at this time and I kept drifting off mid-sentence and they didn't notice as they were too zonked.

I tell the girls,"it isn't my job to entertain you." I mean that sincerely. While I am capable of entertaining kids with my wit (I am hilarious to the under 17 crowd) it is just not sustainable. Plus, the girls need to be able to do their own thing. Honestly the best parts of childhood often involve some weird things invented in those in between hours without a parent overseeing.

Still, we do need some structure, or rather the girls need structure. So we meet up with friends, visit playgrounds, parks, museums, run errands, go to free library shows and events, and generally keep things from becoming stagnant. Still that 2-4:30 time slot is tough to combat.

Yesterday afternoon we found ourselves with no plans during the dullest hours of the day. No!  We decided to hit up the animal shelter and give some love to cats awaiting adoption. 

It was a really good way to spend an hour or so. We have decided to make this a weekly event. A little time loving animals who are hungry for affection.

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