Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Kindness


Yesterday I realized that I had not mailed in the registration for our car before the end of the month. The price for this oversight is high, standing in line forever. We walked down the stairs and to the back of a very long line, probably 70+ people deep. Seriously, why had I not just sent in the check and gotten my new tags and plates in the mail?! 

The girls had a play date in an hour so it was a roll of the dice. I knew it would be tight on time, but we decided to wait it out. We stood at the back of the line behind a tall man in all denim and a worn cowboy hat. A woman, around 60, got in line behind us. She mentioned how adorable the girls are, because they were being extra cute and entertaining to the line of people. The woman and I chatted politely and then she handed me a $10 and said,"For your girls, they are the cutest kids I have ever seen." I was surprised by the gift and the girls had seen the money and started jumping excitedly. We talked briefly about paying the kindness forward. Cordelia outlined some of our past kindnesses for the woman (how she had a lemonade stand to raise money for the shelter, how our family likes to do random acts of kindness). It was a very nice encounter.

Fast forward 20 minutes, still in line, the woman hands me a check for $50 and says she thought it could be a blessing for the girls and that our family has a "beautiful glow." It was very kind and generous. The other people in line stood there with mouths agape. The girls lost their minds. I tried to not accept, but she insisted. She said that she knows it is weird, but she felt compelled to give. 


I was very touched by her generosity, but a little shocked and uncomfortable with the high amount for two very little kids. I took her check graciously and put it in my purse. We talked some more, learned a bit about this woman, her story. When we left she hugged me and said she hoped the money would be a small blessing.

I left, a little uncomfortable, not with the giving. I understand. I love to give and I totally get that accepting a gift is a gift to the giver (if that makes sense). I think it was just the amount that made me uncomfortable. Also, the fact that the kids were given money for just being cute...there were other kids near enough that they probably overheard, especially when people started reacting to the gift. 

Anyway, the whole situation sparked a lot of discussion. We decided that the girls would split the $60 and then divide their take into three portions: $10 to spend, $10 to save, and $10 to give. We will be writing thank you letters to this generous stranger (her address is on the check) and tell her how the money was spent. Maybe we will kindness bandit her in the future...

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