Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I have been working on letting the kids be bored. I remember being bored as a kid. Do you? You sit around, you ask your parents what you can do, they suggest chores, and then you come up with some crazy plan of your own. 

I think as a homeschool mom I always am answering the question , "how will you socialize your kids?!" I work really really reeeeeaaally hard to make sure the girls have classes and play dates and long term friendships. 

Side note: I know many public educated adults who seem to have no idea how to interact with others, so that isn't really something that public school guarantees. 

Anyway, I feel like I sometimes overcompensate and fill their days too much. Honestly I have been exhausted lately with all of the activity. So we have been scaling back. We are still doing lessons and classes and play dates, but we have toned down our pace. I am working to make these girls bored. No screens, just themselves, their toys, nature and their imaginations. 

Yesterday we worked on some craft projects and did some yoga and went to a park and ran some errands, but around 2 I said that I was done entertaining. I set up the wading pool and Elise (my more introverted child) was happy. She loves to play and do her own thing. Cordelia (who thrives on feedback) was less enthusiastic about the prospect. She did some more work on a weaving project and then followed me around asking what to do. I told her what I did when I was bored as a kid: making plays, playing with my brother, trying to invent things, reading, playing with toys, etc. She whined a little longer and then she came up with a plan. She made a puppet show. She spent a good hour and a half prepping and when Eric came home she preformed. It was 22 minutes of mostly incoherent puppetry, but she laughed and had fun.

Then Elise had a go at it.

Slowly we are getting the hang of these empty hours and how important they are for the girls and for me.

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