Saturday, July 29, 2017

Fluff's Big Night

Our friend,  artist/illustrator,  Zak Pullen has been working on a series of large commissioned paintings for the past two years. He has used many locals as models in these wonderful paintings and three members of our team appear in the series. This painting features a sleeping Cordelia and Eric (minus all that hair) in the door way. They were not exactly portraits of Eric and Cordelia, but rather they posed in place of others who have passed on or grown out of the needed age.The third team member in the painting is Fluff, flopped on the pink bedspread. 

Fluff is Cordelia's much loved stuffed dog. Seriously, you have no idea how much she loves this stuffed animal. As she is aging he now stays at home, but while in our house he is her most constant companion. 

Last night there was a private reception for the models and people instrumental in this series. The above picture doesn't really accurately show the scale of these very large and heavily detailed paintings. I am not sure how many there are in total, but there are a great number. Furthermore the paintings are also being duplicated for permanent display outside of the new YMCA.

The girls couldn't attend the reception last night as they were at VBS. Eric and I did attend and Eric had secretly packed Fluff...and a bow tie. We took some photos for Cordelia and later showed them to her. She was delighted! She was later overheard whispering to Fluff that he was a celebrity and that he had attended his first big opening.

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