Tuesday, July 4, 2017


     We have been starting to really take in some excellent treats from the garden: lettuce, kale, herbs, broccoli, and peas.

Our squash, tomatoes, melons, and cucumbers are all starting to really grow! Cordelia and I are deeply enjoying the garden experience. She loves to try new foods and yesterday we went through the herb spiral as she tried a bit of each and every herb. This was big for a girl who struggles with sauces that contain herbs. We talked about the uses for each plant from flavoring foods to the teas we will drink. She decided that lemon balm was the very best in the garden. 

Sharing this kind of experience with the girls is such fun. Elise's mind was blown when she saw how broccoli grows. 

When we wander through the garden we explore new growth, discuss issues that we find (hello to cabbage moths) and we smell and we taste. It is a rich experience for us all.

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