Monday, July 3, 2017

On the go

We are starting out early this morning. Currently hanging at the dentist. I am actually writing this blog from the waiting room at the dentist office. HGTV on the TV with pop radio also blasting, it feels a little insane. Though we do like our dentist Andy he girls rally feel comfortable here. As a matter of fact Elise regularly asks me to schedule her a dental appointment.

Elise is casually waiting for her check up. 

She tried to wear this to the appointment, but did ultimately go with a summer dress.

Anyway, after this we are driving straight to Cordelia's swim lessons. Then I think we will spend the day around the house, enjoying a bonus day with Eric who doesn't have to work. 

I will make some art, play with kids, work in the garden. I hope you have mellow plans for the day.

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