Friday, July 14, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 7. 14. 17

Hello! Please excuse a later than normal post. We have had an exciting morning (will be reporting on that when I am able) and I have been distracted.
Anyway, let's review this past crazy week.

Last week we got to see our talented musician friend Andy Mason and his family: Anne, Lennon, and Juniper. Andy performed 9 shows in three days around our town. Here his son Lennon joins him for the performance of Spring Chicken, download the .99 song all proceeds go to a young fan who has cancer. Her family asked Andy to do a performance for the child and he did. He has gone back and has already delivered them $600 to help with medical costs. Apparently the mother has had to quit her job just to care for her daughter. Andy is a good and giving person, please support this project and you can also just buy his fantastic music!

Cordelia, Andy and Juniper chillaxing in the hammock.

 Anne on the back patio after all of the kids were in bed!

Snuggling cuties in the morning.

Cordelia reading to Lennon.

Private concert.

On Saturday we held Elise's birthday party. It was crazy, but she had a blast.

Cordelia at the party.

About to blow out candles.

Birthday girl.

My dad at the party, an introvert taking cover.

Wearing part of the piƱata as a hat.

Momo, sweetest cat to ever live.

On Tuesday it was Elise's actual birthday!

She wore goggles as she blew out the candle on her pancake.

 Sisters at swimming lessons.

 We met up for a birthday lunch with the family.

Elise got a birthday wig...

We made birthday cookies instead of a second cake.

Had a play date with good friends.

And just generally celebrated our five year old.

Cordelia working on a woven bracelet.

Elise working on a project.

This kid.

Cordelia pre-puppet show.

Elise and Lucy and a puppet show.

 The studio.
Cool mint and lemon water after weeding in the heat.

Playground girl.

Daily drawing.

Trying to stay cool.

Bikes. Cautious Cordelia! 


Daily drawing of Stephen Gammell and his art.

Happy Friday!

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