Friday, July 21, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 7.21.17

Hello and happy Friday! We are not quite a month into summer and I am already starting to panic about a heavy load this fall. Are you? I bought a day planner yesterday as my old one was done and I cannot be trusted to fly by the seat of my pants and keep everything together. Left to my own devices I will garden, hang out with the girls, draw, read and hammock. Anyway, let us ignore impending responsibilities and proceed with phone photos.

Been working on her confidence...basically in all areas. She has an interesting balance of timidity and a go for it attitude. When we started with bikes she was soooooooooooo slow. Basically she was going so slow that time moved backwards. With a lot of practice she is now occasionally pulling out all the stops and tearing around on her bike.

Spotted this dragon mailbox while on a walk. Just want you to know that there are many mailbox options. Another favorite mailbox in my neighborhood is a pig, but the butt opens for mail. Classy.

My new niece Hila. I am so excited and I cannot wait to hold her! I loooove seeing the photos and videos of my brother and sister-in-law Sara, but I am anxious to get there and hold her and hug her and basically weep over her sweetness! 

Daily drawing. Some dude on the internet tried to tell me that I did the reflection wrong and it should be reversed (thanks internet). He was very worked up about refraction, finally I showed him the picture I was working from (which looks like the image I drew) and he quickly apologized. His initial rude comments were all in Portuguese so I had to use google to translate the mainsplainer who was eager to give me unsolicited advice about how light bends. I wonder if the speed of my eye roll shifted earth's axis?  It ended very kindly, but man alive! 

Saturday hike with this beauty. She is getting so big. I am struggling with wrapping my mind around her growing maturity. Childhood is too short, how are we already at almost 8? A handful of years from puberty. Soon she won't want to hold my hand. Ahhhh!!!!

Ha! Nerds on a hike.

Drawing. Lots of moon and space drawings for the solar eclipse.

Elise is sporting the last trend, Play Do necklaces.

Daily drawing.

These sisters just finished swim lessons. Cordelia completed two sessions and jumped from level 0-5. She is a fish and really loved it! She went from not swimming at all to being able to swim this summer! Elise just became old enough (have to be 5) on her birthday for the last session. She is very nervous about the whole process, but was able to bob and blow bubbles and made it almost to level 2. She is just learning to back float.


Daily drawing. You may be surprised to learn that I have a really extensive knowledge about horror really extensive. Anyway, when George Romero died this week I had to do a commemorative drawing of one of his films.

Girls watching a movie. I draw.

Atomic Betty Sprinkles.  She is such a weird and lovely dog. For some reason she has decided that I am her person and she follows me everywhere. She only wants to be cozy and near me, nothing else matters much. 

Happy Fridaaaaaaaaaay!

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