Friday, July 28, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 7.28.17

Well hello again. How are you? Our week has been bonkers, but good. I feel like I am always just riding the crest of sanity. I think it is just motherhood, and working from home, but who knows?! Either way I like tickling the rim of chaos. Let's just take a gander at the photos from the week that was....

Last Friday evening we attended a large housewarming party that was pretty rad! Our friends were excellent hosts and so far beyond accommodating for vegans! They also had a snow cone type business parked in the alley. The business owners (who happen to be our neighbors) let the kids come into their portable shop and make their own. Here Elise weighs her snow come options.

Daily drawing.

Sunflowers are getting ready to impress us all.

I spotted this statue the other day and I had some thoughts. First off, that deer is a giant in comparison to the man. Secondly, the gun and hat are fit for the giant deer so one would have to imagine that this giant deer goes to a giant size hunting supply store for blood thirsty deer. Also, is the man trying to pet the deer? Does the man have pure black eyes and if so is he possessed? How will the thumbless deer pull the trigger or even load the gun? Finally, hunting is mean: human on deer or giant deer on small black eyed man--all mean.

Daily drawing.

Sisters painting with chalk paint.

Proud to be married to this etch-a-sketch genius. Also, I told him to say "fart" with his eyes as I took this photo.

Cordelia and Atomic Betty Sprinkles.

The girls were invited to a Moana themed birthday party. At one point a pet chicken was brought in on a leash and Cordelia was ready to chicken hug. Elise kept saying,"Cordelia, get that chicken out of my face."

Look at Cordelia though!

They both had their photos taken with this gal who was wearing a Moana costume. The children gladly suspended reality and accepted a blonde Moana.

Look at how happy/uncomfortable Elise was! Ha ha ha!

There was a zip line at the party too. Cordelia has crazy arm strength and was into the zip line as she could really grab on and hold with confidence. She is also an expert on monkey bars and I have had to firmly tell her that she can't lift people all of the time.

Wyoming is so beautiful. Just in case you were under some illusion that I don't live in a magical dreamland. Well, until the winter winds return and then this place makes me rage. 

Elise chucking rocks into the river at the conclusion of a play date, like you do...

Vegan food.

I was surprised with this beautiful bouquet when I was notified that I have been honored with an arts award! I will share more on that when the event happens in September.

This is my first year growing butternut squash. I had no idea how prolific these plants can be. I have at least fifty squash right now! 

Morning snuggle.

These girls. I am not sure what was happening, but they had a lot of fun for a couple of hours.

Daily drawing.

She insisted that the best place to color was on the carpet. When I suggested a hard surface she would have none of it.

Happy Friday!

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