Friday, July 7, 2017

Phone Photo Friday:7.7.17

Happy Friday! I am blogging from the bleachers at swim lessons. Let's review the week that was...

Walk with a friend.

Friends at the creek. We had painted rocks and deposited them around. Here they put a rock that read,"poop," into the water. 
Elise at the creek. I tried to get her to smile, but ended up with this instead.

Eric and the girls and the hammock. Daily reading.

Cordelia doing this...

Elise watering the garden.

Cordelia at the waterfall.

Drawing on the back patio.

Peas are ready for picking!

Creek exploring. We have visited this creek a lot lately.

Fourth of July floating.

 Cordelia and my parents.

Daily drawing.

Cordelia advanced a level in swim lessons. When a student advances a level they get to hit a gong. Cordelia came over and proudly exclaimed,"I hit the dong!"

Elise and Eric putting together a puzzle before work.

Sisters by a dinosaur. How many photos will there be of these two together? A bajollion, methinks.

Weirdest cut out ever?

Yesterday we met up with some friends. We are all hitting up local museums together this summer.

Dressing up. 
Inspecting something at the museum.

Sisters in a parking lot.

Art walk with Andy Mason and my family.

Daily drawing. 
Sisters snuggling this morning.

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