Monday, July 31, 2017

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon we took a drive up into the mountains near our home. We were fighting against those lazy Sunday afternoon hours in which little is accomplished.

The weather was perfect. The sky was blue. There was a slight breeze. Nobody else was around. Just our little family.

Half an hour's drive from our home we were up and over our mountains.

 We followed a trail for a while.

Eventually we went off trail and explored a bit. The girls, jumping from rock to rock, chased butterflies and ran from grasshoppers.

Flowers were blooming all around.

There were butterflies and bees everywhere!

I reminisced about times with my family where we would just explore a dirt road. We would drive through the mountains of Montana, and later New Mexico. As a kid I lamented the long drives, but I always had fun. We would find somewhere interesting and get out of the car to explore a bit. Now they are treasured memories from my childhood.

We identified flowers and looked for signs of an old forest fire.

We just had a lovely time.

Sharing our beautiful state with the girls.

It was a really good afternoon.

The end.

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