Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Our community has this great program called Passport to Adventure. Each museum has this booklet that anyone can grab. The booklet is a museum guide to all of the museums in town. Within the book there is an easy question for each museum. Once answered the museum will stamp your passport. Six stamps and the passport can be entered into a big drawing for a variety of prizes.

This summer we have been working with friends to complete our passports. Usually we meet up for a picnic and some play in the park and then onto a museum. 

Today we completed our passports with two museums. First we hit up and toured a local historic home.

We got the full tour of a home that was built in 1907, but was lived in continually for a hundred years. So the updates and changes spanned a century.

Elise was into it, but did have to lay down a whole bunch.

Next we went to the art museum where the kids all got a private tour from the curator (aka Eric). 

Once done we turned in our passports. A great end to a really fun summer project.

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