Friday, August 11, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 8.12.17

Well, I am out of it I guess. I had a conversation with a friend this morning in which we discussed the day of the week, and yet I just now realized that it is Friday!

Let us review the week
Last Friday my friend Gabby invited us to her father's garden (which is so beautiful that words cannot describe) for a vegan lunch.

We ate a delicious mix of garden fresh foods.


So good and so flavorful.

The girls and I fit in some hammock time.

The following day Eric and I went to a museum banquet out of town. It was such a fun and beautiful night!

Daily drawing.


Flight crew.

Looking at water.

 And spotting Tennessee turtles.

Guess where?

Nashville! We were en route when we received the news about my father-in-law's passing, while the news wasn't unexpected we have been on standby for many months. My mother-in-law encouraged us to
continue on with our travel plans. So we did and we are working to enjoy! I will give a full run down on our trip later.

 Daily drawing.

Happy Friday!

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