Saturday, September 30, 2017

Cordelia's Birthday

Yesterday was a really great day for a special girl. I already posted about her morning, but let me share the rest of her day. She wore the pioneer dress all day.

She wanted to have lunch at a local
Chinese restaurant where  they make us sweet and sour tofu. My parents met us all for lunch. 

After we had all had our fill it was grandparent present time. Lots of Little House gifts that blended with the pioneer theme.

As I am typing this Cordelia is busy at work on this quilt. While she wanted to keep it for herself she has decided to make it for a gift "because a gift from the heart is extra special." This kid! Of course she is a real kid who has ups and downs, but she has a truly loving heart. 

Anyway, after lunch I surprised the girls with a little pottery painting at a local studio. The studio has a bunch of pre-made ceramics which you choose and glaze. They fire the pottery and you pick it up a week later.

Cordelia chose to paint a tiny princess and mermaid. Elise painted a fox like cat because she marches to the best of her own drum. She also painted a t-Rex with lipstick. 

When we were done with pottery it was time for the Trails museum. Cordelia was soooo excited! 

We explored the grounds a bit and then met up with friends.

When we entered the museum the entire staff of history lovers swarmed Cordelia. They let the girls onto the wagon, normally blocked off. A staff member invited her to be a docent when she is a bit older. This was already on her list!   She was mistaken a couple of times for a docent while we were there.

I wonder why?

Here she is teaching her friend about westward expansion.

At the end of the day we had pumpkin pie. Our eight year old! 

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Anonymous said...

Just adorable in her little pioneer outfit.

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