Friday, September 22, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 9.22.17

Happy first day of fall ya'll. No I don't say ya'll. Fun fact, I was going to college near the TX border in a small New Mexican town. One day I was talking on the phone to my mother and I told her that I was "fixin' to go to Walmart." It was then that I decided to move. I was sounding extremely Texan. Nothing wrong with Texans, but it is my heritage to hold on to my own Montana/ Wyoming/ Colorado/ New Mexico accent. I pick up accents so quickly that it basically comes across as me mocking people with accents. 


Phone Photo Friday is today! It has been a crazy week. Just jam packed! Seriously. It is bananas. Totally bananas. My days go as follows: wake up, run around like a crazy person who has to do all of the things, sleep. From about 9-3 it is all organized and calm homeschool, but the rest of the day is basically chaos.

I feel like this post has detailed. Let's just look at photos...

We took a little afternoon nature walk by the river to mix up our school day.

Elise took a large box and turned it into a plane and then basically went crazy entertaining herself for an hour. She has an amazing imagination and loves to play.

Just wearing my cool jacket and carrying some vegan sweets at a street fair.

Daily drawing.

Elise and my mother.

Elise and my father. She kept cycling through the room and snuggling us all. She is just too sweet.

Daily drawing.

Cordelia in the recycled boxes at the grocery store. 

Daily drawing.

Sisters in front of a tree. 

The girls started PE for homeschool this week. I had no idea there were so many homeschoolers in our community! The girls are in separate classes, but they are old school PE style. They are loving it!

Homeschooling sometimes means the worlds most insane dot-to-dot!


Scrambled tofu for brekkie. Ugh, I talk like an old woman. Can't be helped.

Betty Sprinkles and Elise.
Peace oooout!

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sara said...

Haha, I alternate between "y'all" and "you guys" about 50/50 after living in TX for 10 years. But I don't say "fixin to". I think I would have to move also, if I started to say it.

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