Friday, September 29, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 9.29.17

Eight years ago today I held Cordelia in my arms for the very first time. That was a scary and beautiful day. Today Cordelia opened her birthday gifts and then ran up to her room and grabbed two gift bags: one for Eric and one for me. She gave Eric a Nintendo hat (thoughtful as he collects retro game systems) and she gave me a pair of awesome vintage earrings, and here was my letter.

My sweet girl is so thoughtful.

Speaking of which, here are two pajamed sisters hugging each other. 

But I am getting ahead of myself. I have a week to review! 

Here is Elise at a birthday party last week. After the party my parents hung with the girls while Eric and I went to see a movie!

Sisters in the rain. They are absolute horrors with the umbrella, somebody always gets hurt, but it is sure cute until that point.

Daily drawing.

The girls are really struggling with how to dress for fall weather.

It is apparently quite a challenge to grasp the concept of layers. 

Momo. On me. Every time I am in the bathroom...

Homeschooling days.

Homeschool also means that sometimes hair is not brushed until late morning.

Vegan eats.

The girls have been taking PE classes. I often laugh until I cry as I watch Elise try to understand the rules. This old school PE class is great fun and educational, but also hilarious. For instance one day the kids had to run screaming across the gym, if they stopped screaming they had to freeze and wait to try again. Exhausted kids after class! 

And here we are back to the birthday girl. Do you know what her number one gift request was?

A pioneer dress....and an ice cream maker. She got both and a vegan ice cream recipe book. Later the birthday girl has requested a trip to the Historic Trails museum. I am confident that she will go in costume...

Happy Friday! 

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