Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Vegan Stats

It is no secret that I am vegan. Eric and I have been vegan for nearly 17 years!!!! The girls have always been vegan. I can say that since we first went veg the world has changed! There are vegan options all over! More people are eating less meat and it makes me so happy! Yet the way that the world continues to treat animals makes my heart ache. Honestly I lose sleep thinking of all the suffering and how little difference our choices sometimes seem to make. I want to save them all and save us in the process. I really cannot go down that line of thought for too long or I spiral into despair. And that doesn't do anyone any good. 

Anyway, I happened upon a little vegan calculator today and it made me feel a little better. This calculator shows you an approximation of the impact a vegan diet makes for animals and for the environment. I did the calculator for the cumulative numbers of our vegan family and here are the results:

Water saved (water consumed by the animals who exist solely for human consumption) 19,602,000gallons.

Lbs of grain (not used for animals) 712,800

Forest land preserved (not cleared for animals or their feed) 535,600 acres

Lbs of CO2 (not created by the industry)

And finally animals who were not killed for us to eat

Those are big numbers! Of course it is an approximation based on averages, but it is so wonderful to see! 

If you are thinking about going vegan please reach out! I will help you. Or if you are just wanting to look on your own you can follow me on Pinterest where I have an enormous vegan board of recipes! 

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Roxanne said...

I have been vegan off and on for the past 5-6 years. I am now in a challenge, that in October I will be plant based. not only vegan , but no sugar, oil, junk food... just plain old good stuff!
I am just afraid. Not of the protein thing etc... just afraid that I will succeed and actually feel better, my joints hurt/arthritis... it's stupid, I know.
I will let you know how the month rolls out.
The challenge is "10in10" by Happy Herbivore. Lose 10 lbs in October.
I am going to do my best. We'll see what happens.

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