Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Bag a Day

I think this happens around the same time each year. We come in from outside as the temperatures drop. Then we look around and say,”We have too much stuff!” Then we panic and want to get rid of everything we own. Instead of just freaking out and then tossing at random I am going to start another bag a day challenge.

Each day I will fill one bag of clothes we are not wearing, shoes and toys which have been outgrown, items which no longer serve us. This has to be a seasonal task in a home like ours with two growing children. Some bags will be filled of stuff to sell. Other bags will be given to friends with kids younger than ours. Much will just be donated to thrift stores. And I am sure there will be some trash, hopefully very little trash as I hate to make waste.

We have done this in the past with great success! I am excited for another round! 


elizabeth said...

do you do this for a week? for a month?
i am interested in joining you!

Maria Rose said...

A month!

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