Thursday, October 5, 2017

Be Kind to Yourself

My friend Sarah texts me a lot to ask me what I am doing for self-care. She is kinda amazing that way. Her little occasional reminders keep me on track.  I do love to give of myself. I find it to be such a great way to live life. I have seen this behavior modeled by my parents who are the most quietly generous people. 

However, I have also seen and experienced how depleting it can be to give and give without remembering to give to yourself. For me it has been a long road to end up where I am now. It is really hard for me to say that I am going to just take some time for me. Not time to draw or answer work emails or lesson plan or whatever, just time to take a walk or a bath or whatever it is that I need. Initially I felt selfish. I would announce that I was taking a walk and the girls (with whom I had spent the entire day and had already taken a walk to the park) would ask to come along. I hesitated the first few times and Eric, who is really an amazing partner, would say,"No. Your mom needs to be alone." 

Now I am able to do that for myself. I can model self-care and explain it to them that we all need to re-fill our own cup. I have seen the change that takes place when I tend to my own needs too. I can be down or simply exhausted from a long day, walk a trail while listening to a good book, and then come home feeling like I have more to give: more patience, more energy, more focus. 

So, I ask you to please take a minute to take care of yourself today.

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