Thursday, October 12, 2017


Yesterday we anxiously waited for the hours to pass. Each hour without a call from the vet was a good sign, it meant that Lucy was holding down food. I called around 4:00 to confirm her pick up. Then the whole family went to pick her up just before 5.

We got to take her home, but we have been told that we need to see her eat, hold it down, and poop. Once she does those things we will know that she is on the mend, that her intestines have begun to do their duty. If not...well, that just isn't an option. 

We brought her home and I warned the girls that the other cats would probably hiss at her because of her different vet office scent. I was wrong. Lucy spent the first 15 minutes or so under our bed, purring next to Momo. When she was done with that she made the rounds to each of us.

Since last night she has been purring and rubbing and following us.

There has never been a cat more happy to be home.

I also must admit I was wrong, Bumblebee had noticed that Lucy was gone. She and Betty gave Lucy basset-y snuffles and sweet Lucy just rubbed on them. She is weirdly confident around dogs.

She is exhausted and definitely tender from exploratory surgery.

But she has eaten several times since she came home and there has been no vomit. We don't really know about any litter box action, but the fact that she has eaten a significant amount of food without puking is good. Really good.

Now if you will excuse me I am going to cuddle the happiest cat in the world.

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