Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lucy Update

While it is too early to say we are in the clear we did get some hopeful news this morning. Lucy has been force fed twice (apparently our chubby cat won't eat at the vet) and she has held it down! We are hopeful that this means her intestines are functioning. We won't know until she passes food through her whole system, but the fact that she has not puked is very good. We wait through the day and if she holds the food down they will send her home tonight. Of course she will need to be monitored as we watch her hopefully return to a normal cat who just had something scary happen. 

We visited her twice yesterday and she seemed really tired and a bit out of it, but the vet reported that she is friendly and alert this morning. We are taking this as a good sign. 

Thank you all for your kind words. Lucy is such an important member of our family and her absence weighs heavy on us all, except maybe Bumblebee who is too blind to notice. Holding on to hope today as we wait for more good news. 

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