Wednesday, October 18, 2017

North Carolina Day 1&2

We left Wyoming at 10:30am on Friday and drove to Denver (flying out of Wyoming is expensive) where we caught flight to North Carolina. We flew through sunset and into the night.

When we arrived in NC it was late. We made our way to the rental car lot where the kind older gentleman who worked there was so pleased to hear that we came to meet or new niece/cousin that he upgraded our rental! 

Once we had our car and car seats installed we drove through the very dark North Carolina forests to find Ben and Sara’s home. We arrived after midnight. Sara and Hila were asleep. We greeted Ben and everyone went to bed.

The next morning the girls ran outside to see what North Carolina looks like. When everyone else was up it was time to meet Hila!!! 

It was instant love. She was immediately familiar. My heart knew her. I can say that was a full family consensus, she is one of us.

We adored Hila, breakfasted and caught up with Ben and Sara. 

Then we went out to explore the abandoned farmhouse next to Ben and Sara.

We meandered through the forest and eventually found our way back o their home.

We relaxed and gathered ourselves for an outing. Prep for an outing with four adults and three young kids takes a bit of time.

Eventually we made our way to Duke Gardens! So so so gorgeous! 

Cordelia looking like a poem.

Why do kids always stand so close to the edge?

Uncle fun.

Sara and Hila.


After Duke Gardens we went out to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant. I want to eat this meal again.

Then we wandered around and finally stopped for vegan ice cream. 

I scream, you scream, Hila screams while everyone eats ice cream. Not really. 

Finally we made our way back to their house. We had dinner and a family dance party. Ben has strobe lights a disco ball and a fog machine in his basement. He has a full DJ set up too. He even made it rain fake money on the girls. Ha ha ha. 


Anonymous said...

Ben has a dog machine? Sweeeeeeet!!!

Daphne said...

I am amused that he has a dog machine! Very lifelike!

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