Friday, October 13, 2017

Phone Photo Friday:10.13.17

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for all of your letters and kind words this week. Lucy continues to be on the mend. Her energy is rising and she hasn't puked! So let's just review thephotos. This week has been so intense it is surprising to look back through photos and realize that it has just been one week! 

Here is Eric doing a fingerprint science expirament with the girls.

Oh and last Saturday was Cordelia's birthday party, monster theme.

There were 12 kids in the 8 and under crowd! 

We painted pumpkins as monsters.

Decorated cupcakes.

So many sprinkles.

Then I told them that our hallway was a monster gallery and they needed to decorate the walls with monster drawings. They went crazy!

Three girls playing.

Fall is here.

Gorgeous and golden.

Daily drawing.

Our first snow was heavy and perfect for snowman making.

The girls went bananas.

They made this guy all on their own. So weird that they no longer need our help.

Evening walk.

I am not sure...

Daily drawing.

Vegan eats.

The girls reunited with Lucy!

Painting and collage making with Eric.

Not listening to anything.


Daily drawing.

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