Saturday, November 11, 2017

Fort Collins

Last night Eric and I traveled to Fort Collins for a reception. Eric is part of a group show of collage artists and he had been asked to give a short talk. My parents kindly took the girls for an overnight so Eric and I could enjoy a quick getaway. 

We arrived in town with just enough time to check in at our hotel before heading to the Lincoln Center for the reception. Here is my mister giving his talk.

Here we are. 

The work.

When the reception concluded it was time to eat. We had a thirty minute wait for seating, but that matters much less when you don’t have hungry kids waiting to eat. When Eric’s insane meal finally arrived a guy next to us, inspired by the shape of Eric’s seitan, decided to tell us that he had just bought a gilded cardboard foldable nine foot meditation teepee.  We didn’t really know what to do with that info, but he continued to tell us that it had something to do with the ionization of water below ground. I suggested that perhaps the same would happen with Eric’s gravy...

I ate a big old sandwich.

Then I made a good face with out leftovers.

Next I led us to the Artery which is downtown. It features a gallery, studio space, store, bar, and music venue. We decided to check out the show entitled Femme Fatale.

Rat Doctor was the first band.

And The Bandits were the closer. We really enjoyed just hanging out and listening to music.

Here is what I look like whilst listening to live music.

And in case you are wondering what the girls did...

We returned home by early afternoon, but we all had a great 24 hours.

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