Wednesday, November 8, 2017

How we do

We usually start our homeschool day over breakfast. I will read a history lesson or a story while the girls eat. Then we will have a little break as we all get ready for our day. Some days, if they are deep in play or working on their own projects, I will let them carry on for a bit.

It has been our experience that we are all most productive in the morning. So we focus the weight of school in the mornings. This is when we accomplish our more challenging or tedious work.

I have developed a sort of rhythm where I will set one up on something that they can do independently, like an art project. Then I will do a lesson with the other. For example Elise has a book of challenges that she can do with just a little guidance. While she works on that I will go over our daily math lesson with Cordelia. Then Cordelia will do her math problems while I work on reading with Elise. I will just continue this rhythm through the day. There are a few subjects they both like to get in on so I will combine their history or science classes as they both enjoy these together.

I always have a drawing in front of me to work on in those minutes when both are working solo. Some days, when they are really focused, they finish their work by around lunch time. Other days they will take until 4 to complete their work. Naturally they have food and play breaks in their day, but we try to keep our focus. I would say the average time at which we complete a day of school is 2pm.

Of course we have a lot more variety than this. Several times a week the girls have PE, or art, or science classes, or Girl Scouts, or play dates, or random other activities. So we are always mixing it up, but our daily core remains the same.

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