Friday, November 17, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 11. 17.17

Phew. What a week it has been! Today we are on our way home from our openings in Great Falls, MT. Eric and I both have solo shows up at the Paris Gibson Square Art Museum. We took the girls north for the week as we installed the show and then attended the opening reception.

Here is the face of an exhausted artist. Here I sat on our kitchen floor on Sunday night after doing final touches on the twenty paintings for the show.

Monday morning Eric took final photos of all of my work.

Tuesday morning we hit the road. In case you are wondering Elise does not have a prescription for glasses, she just found these at my mother’s house and has been wearing them.

Checking out the hotel atrium on Tuesday night.

Dancing at the hotel.

Daily drawing.

Breakfast in the hotel atrium. We brought most of our meals here and enjoyed the quiet. 


Playing at the awesome children’s museum.

Dress up at the children’s museum.

Duck pond. I wen here as a girl and it is fun to take my own daughters to see these ducks.

Cordelia defied my wishes and pet a goose. I didn’t blame her, but we did wash hands a short while later.

Of course we had to stop by the Sip n Dip, which is technically a bar, where there are mermaid swimmers. Thankfully it is a pretty family friendly bar/restaurant and the girls happily watched the mermaids swim.

Cordelia and Eric.

Drawing in the hotel.

Breakfast in the atrium. We had the atrium and the pool to ourselves for much of our time there, it was nice.

Riding a Dino.

Elise loves dinosaurs and asked us to make a special stop to check this one out.

Eric at the reception last night. More on that tomorrow.


After the reception we went out for pizza. Cordelia was bushed (it was only an hour past bedtime, but she was done).

Happy Friday!


Valerie V. said...

How long is your art going to be on display, Maria? We are on our way to Helena for Thanksgiving next week and would love to stop and see. I haven't ever been in the Paris Gibson building.

Maria Rose said...

Awesome! It will be up through February!

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