Friday, November 10, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 11.10.17

Happy Friday to you! Let’s review our week.

Birthday party at Jump Craze trampoline park.

It was intense. Nearly two hours of jumping. 

Followed by cupcakes and presents.

The trampoline park has a rule that after you eat at a birthday party then you can’t jump. Solid rule. 

Dimples! I am such a sucker for her dimple. 

Ran into a friend who gifted me with this rad button. 

My sous chef. She loves to help, especially when there is a costume involved.


Painting. I was ready for my show and then we did the logistics a couple weeks back and decided that I should probably have five more paintings. Sooo. I have been working hard! I have 1.5 left and I am gonna make it! 

Homeschooling. We have had a great homeschool week. We have all been in the groove and super productive. Some weeks drag, but this week has been smooth sailing.

Lucy. Back to her old self. We are all still pretty shaken up by that scary medical emergency of a few weeks back.

Vegan eats.

I am 87% sure that was a clean bowl. However, you can never be too sure with this one.

Cordelia is really into her lewk. Each day a new theme.

I guess they both are into it.

I mean, let’s be clear, they both dress up a lot. Here we are visiting some friends. Cordelia knew they had chickens and brought her pioneer dress to change into (we came straight from PE where she was not allowed to wear a pioneer dress), as she wanted to look authentic for the chickens...

Elise was just jazzed about chickens.

And horses.  I remember thinking that horses were basically magic when I was that age. Well, in truth I still feel that way.

This is my one true love.

Elise requested that she have one braid and one ponytail. No questions. No explanation.

So close to ready for this show.

Today’s look.

And this. They both opted to not wear coats when we made a quick run to the store. Cordelia wanted to “suffer for fashion.” Don’t worry they will wear coats if they are going to be out for long.

Daily drawings are still going strong.

Happy Friday!

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pambrewer said...

I love this: “Suffer for fashion”. Definitely a cause worth the sacrifice!

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