Friday, November 3, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 11.3.17

Hello and happy Friday to you! We are on the end of another busy week, a busy week in a long chain of busy weeks. However, this week is special as it signifies a bit of an end or a break or whatever. It has felt like we have been nonstop since our trip to Nashville in August. Let’s look back on this week that was packed to the brim!

Last Friday was a special treat. Our scientist neighbor invited the girls over for a science lesson and a look in a nice microscope.

Elise was more interested in playing with our neighbor’s son, who is a good friend. Cordelia got really into the microscope.

In prep for our lesson we revisited the cell.

We also prepared our own slides.

Then we got to take a look.

From art class. 

Trunk or treat happened on Saturday. As you will see our week had a loooot of dress up.

Spotted at trunk or treat. A babe with some goats. Even though goats have devil eyes they are so sweet and charming and I want more than almost anything to have land so I can adopt gentle donkeys and goats.

So, I lost my sunglasses. I am always losing or breaking sunglasses. Seriously it is insane how frequently this happens. I don’t deserve them, but I need them. Anyway, it happens with enough frequency that the girls have a routine while I try and find a new pair.

On Monday I went on the news and rolled my eyes.

Lucy is back to her normal self. She loooves to disrupt homeschool.

Science class. Their science teacher always has something cute like this on her door.

PE.  I was jealous! 

Actual Halloween was a blast!

Painted finger.

The day after Halloween.

Cordelia dressed like a witch and asked Eric and me to define what a goth is...

Long hair and the wind can be terrible.

My mom sent me this amazing photo of myself and my grandma and my cousin. I am in the center. Ha ha ha! The 90s!

Yesterday was Dia de los Muertos.

I went kinda minimal on the makeup this year as right before the celebration I had to teach a class on Japanese ink painting.

Here is Eric giving a lecture on La Catrina.

My ladies. 

Making a mask.

Here is a painting I finished this week.

My gorgeous Grandma Carol turned 90!!! Happy birthday! 

Have a great week!

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affectioknit said...

What a fun and busy week!

~Have a lovely day!

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