Wednesday, December 6, 2017


So Elise is at that fun age of questions. Cordelia has been in the stage for many years so I feel well prepared for round two of this phase. The questions are unending and forever fascinating! Here is a sample of some of the questions we have fielded in the past 12 hours.

1. What even are Christmas trees?

2. Do mummies poop?

3. Well, if they did poop what would it look like?

4. What are ashes?

5. What do cat and dog brains look like?

6. How are flowers made?

7.How are seeds made?

8. What is wind and air?

9. Can you paint a molecule?

10. How are dogs and cats made?

11. How is nature made?

1 comment:

Ben Struck said...

What's the answer? Do mummies poop?

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