Saturday, December 16, 2017


I was watching the girls play air hockey at the homeschool PE Christmas party when the call came in. 
“Hey, are you ok?” 

Eric replied,”I am not ok.” Then the phone hung up.

This was a moment of mild panic. I mean at least I knew he was alive, but he had driven off into the winter weather an hour and a half earlier. I had been hoping that he was ahead of the storm. I kept refreshing the road condition reports as they went from dry, to wet, to slick in spots, to slick or more than one condition. I could see a few spots around the state had drifting snow and I was worried. Then that dramatic call.

A moment later he called again. He was ok, but the roads were not. The delivery of his art for an opening was not going to happen today. He couldn’t really see the road anymore. He was sliding, but he was also going slow.

So the girls and I want back to air hockey, and board games, and karaoke. I refreshed road reports and tried not to let my worry ruin the fun for the girls.

Soon enough he called again and reported that he was back to better roads. He was home before the party was over. It was no big deal, but just a reminder of how vulnerable we all are. Of course we are all vulnerable all the time, but these tiny reminders whisper to us that our time here is short. Not to sound dramatic, but it is these kinds of events that serve to remind me to be present, to be thankful, and to use the time we are given.

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Anne Mason-Jezek said... heart sank into the abyss reading those first few lines. So glad he is okay and obviously we would have heard otherwise had it not been. But makes me realize the same. Every time Andy is out and I'm home, I worry and hope for the best. Love you friend!

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