Friday, January 12, 2018

Phone Photo Friday: 1.12.17

Happy Friday from the county health waiting room. Nobody is ill. Actually everyone seems to have the flu and we realized that we hadn’t yet been vaccinated. So here we are waiting for vaccines (side note: I know vaccines are often made in an egg base, but we have no alternative).  Gotta stay on top of so many things as an adult. Truly seems like each day has something that needs maintaining. 

Anyway, while I am sitting and waiting (girls are glued to the TV) I might as well blog. 

Saturday morning skull pancakes, obviously.

Eric at work on his weekend. He hung all of the art for my show with Meghan Rowswell.

Art on the floor.

Art hanging babe.

Good kids.

Weird kids.

Oh look bunny ears...

Tackling their grandpa.

Snuggling their grandma.

We got back to school this week.

It was actually a welcome return to routine.

No cavities.

Cordelia asked every dental professional in the building if she would need braces. Answer: ?

Volunteering at the shelter.

Bubble action shot.

At the Science Zone.


Little gal who is very into her lewk.

She might as well get used to wearing many hats in this life.


Half birthday ensemble and Peace sign 

Homeschool with Momo.

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