Friday, January 5, 2018

Phone Photo Friday: 1.5.18

Well, brace yourself, there is a storm a comin’. A photo storm from the last week. Thar she blows...

Elise working on a craft project which was a Christmas gift.

She let Cordelia in on the crafting action and these two ladies spend a solid two hours in craft action.

Checking out a Girl Scout exhibit at the library with their grandma, a former scout.


Eric felt crafty this week and made his own Jason mask...

Sweet gal in the sun.

Wearing the wrap her grandma made and giving bunny ears.

Me n Elise.

And more.

Cordelia gave Elise a makeover.

Drawings abandoned.

No explanation needed.

They made a nest.


Playing Farkle with the grandmas.

Our first photo of the new year.

And this one.

Girls with grandparents.

I mean...this photo sums her up pretty well.

Photo booth.

Inspecting the photos.

I am told that Cordelia’s bunny ear hand was restrained by her grandmother.

Holding hands at the Butterfly Pavillion. We drove to Denver to spend a day and see my mother-in-law off after her two week visit.

A happy grandma. We all loved the magical atrium at the Butterfly Pavillion.

Dinner at Watercourse, of course.

We let Elise order her meal.

Me and my mister. Moments before this we had to threaten Cordelia to not give bunny ears.

Eric and his mother.

Sisters fell asleep in the hotel holding hands.

Morning elevator daze.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We spent hours walking through the galleries!

A quick stop for vegan donuts at Beet Box Bakery.

Donuts were consumed and we headed home to Wyoming.

We made it home as the sun was setting. Now we are settling back in after a half a month of company. The visit went very well, but Cordelia is happy to have her room back and we are enjoying the last days of our holiday break.

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