Monday, January 29, 2018

Points to Ponder

Well, now that the info is out about our impending move I can talk a bit more freely about what has been going on in our lives. It feels good to speak about fears and concerns that we have as we face a new road as a family. 

We have so many things to consider:

1) Cost of living. Unfortunately this is a major consideration. My jobs (art and online teaching) can travel with us and expand, but we need to find a community where we can get ahead. A high cost of living makes that impossible. 
2) Location. We hate that we have to leave my family, our friends, our community, the professional contacts we have spent years establishing. We would love to not lose all of that which we so enjoy. However, if we do have to move far away we hope to land in a community with access to art and music, homeschool groups, vegan communities, etc.
3) Weather. Ummm...really all that we care about is LESS WIND. 
4) General happiness. Will we be content? The girls?
5) Moving with animals. Obviously wherever we move it will not be fun to move our animals. However a three day cross country trek with cats and dogs and kids sounds like a nightmare. Also, Ophelia is on her very last life for sure and we want this last move to be as easy on her as possible. Also, Bumblebee is old and arthritic and blind. Just something that we are considering. Also, leaving our animals is not an option.
6) Logistics. Find job, sell house, buy house. Making all of the timelines perfectly match is nearly impossible. We will figure it out, probably. 

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