Tuesday, February 27, 2018

How to Clean Your Home

Putting in a new screen that will be for the people who live here this summer. 

Last summer I looked up at the overhead light in the kitchen and noticed a bulb needed to be replaced. This fall I noticed that we had a few nail holes that needed to be patched and painted. Over Christmas break I thought I should probably wash the walls as they were looking a bit grubby, right at 8 and 5 year old height. 

Then Eric was laid off and we were put in a position where we have to sell out home and move...somewhere. When the realtors came over I made sure the house was pretty clean, like company over for dinner clean. I asked them for their suggestions about showing the house and prep for sale. Since then we have been decluttering, patching, painting, cleaning walls and baseboards, fixing screens and doing all of the little things we have put off. Let me tell you that I am so insanely exhausted!

Yesterday I cleaned with a 100+ fever for 8 hours. I packed boxes, I wiped down drawers and cupboards, I cleaned places with a toothpick. It was nuts.

Today was more of the same, but I am feeling much better. Cordelia is also much improved thanks to Tamiflu! 

Our house officially goes on the market tomorrow and we already will have realtors  and buyers through the house ALL DAY! Here is hoping that we get into a bidding war so that money can cushion the heartbreak of selling our home. Seriously though, this is so emotionally challenging for me to sell our home, just a deep hurt in my heart as we end a beautiful chapter in our lives. I know that there a good things ahead and I am so excited for them, but I am also feeling my feelings right now. 

On a more uplifting note, in our next home we have decided to pretend we are moving once a year so that our house will stay decluttered and super clean! 

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