Friday, February 16, 2018

Phone Photo Friday: 2.16.18

Happy Friday to one and all! Are you a Friday person? There have been times in my life when Friday was special, but at this point in life I mostly work at the days of the week all blend together. Let’s review the week in photos.

I have been wrapping up some commissioned paintings and drawings this week.

Snuggling with their dad.

The cuteness is too much to bear.

Their dad made an epic fort. They were so thrilled that they stayed up super late. The next day was a little dicey. 

They asked me to take this photo. Immediately afterward I had them pick up as the realtors came over to check out our house. 

Wearing Valentine tiaras from their grandparents.

Valentine breakfast.

Valentine cutie in her pajamas.

Valentine cutie in her pajamas.

Valentine weirdo in Goodwill.

The annual heart cake.

My favorites.

One of my daily drawings.

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