Friday, February 2, 2018

Phone Photo Friday: 2.2.18

Hello and happy my mother’s birthday to you!!! In case you were wondering I hit the ultimate jackpot of parents and today I celebrate the most amazing woman in the world (not just saying that folks, it is fact), my mom!

Happy birthday mom!!!!!!!!!!

And now for the Friday phone dump.

My mom came by last week just to hang out with her girls and probably to check in a bit and see how I am doing with all of the upheaval in our lives.

This long haired fellow made a major change.

Our beautiful and talented friend Laura, not pictured as I forgot to ask if I could post her photo, gave Eric his new ‘do.

So much hair.

While they waited.

My fine fellow.

After the haircut we took the girls to Jump Craze.

It was a hit!

This guy. He is a really special human and I am endlessly thankful for our marriage.

Made the girls banana splits!

Two of my faves.

Battling over the floor vent.

Just a random moment, but a little glimpse of life.

Curator at work hanging his last show at the museum.


Happy my mom’s birthday to you!!!


Susan said...

Thank you, sweet daughter! I love you!

Susan said...

Thank you, sweet daughter! I love you!

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